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          1985- After a failed attempt to make a living playing golf on the PGA Tour, company founder, Andrew Wood first laid the seeds of Legendary Marketing as the marketing coordinator for a chain of karate schools. Over the next few years his success at marketing martial arts schools led him to buy several schools. Untimately he struck out on his own and turned one small school in San Marcos, California, into a national chain with 400 units.

karateawfinal.pngThe Birth of a Legendary Company

          1998- After selling the martial arts company, Wood took two years off to write some books, including Legendary Leadership, Dominate Your Market, Selling With Confidence and The Traits of Champions. Legendary Marketing was founded by Wood in late 1998, headquartered in Lecanto, Florida (which not by accident, is located near famed Black Diamond Ranch Golf Club) where Andrew lived and played. 

Internet Pioneers 

          2000 - Wood, a pioneer in Internet marketing, with sites dating back to the web's infancy in 1994 decided to use his expertise to develop a golf and resort specific solution. Together with his teenage business partner Marcus Addolfson, (Now CEO, of his own multi million dollar company) Legendary Marketing made its first big splash with the introduction of a totally new kind of golf website, the Legendary Marketing Smartsite. Powerful - yet easy to use - the technology quickly became accepted as the best in the golf industry and resulted in spectacular growth for the company.   

          In 2002, already established as the leader in new technology, Legendary Marketing turned its attention back to its roots with a focus on response driven direct mail and print advertising campaigns. There they introduced the industry to the power of Thunderbolt Marketing (our proprietary technique of multiple mailings) and the effectiveness in generating leads of the highest caliber.

          2003 saw the first of our Marketing Boot Camps, an intensive three-day program that has opened the eyes of over 500 business owners and managers, to some amazing ways to improve their marketing.

          2004 Onward and Upward saw the launch the Golf Marketing Success System, a revolutionary systematic way of marketing that provides clubs with a totally integrated and predictable blueprint for marketing success. The program consists of 24, specific manuals with step-by-step instructions on how to improve each area of their marketing. It’s also the year Kevin Strom, John Eidukot and Ashley Langley joined our team. Almost ten years later they are still the backbone of the company.    

          December 2005, saw the publication of Andrew's book, The Golf Marketing Bible, which contains 420 pages of cutting edge, golf marketing information and quickly became a bestseller. The book has also been adopted as a textbook by the marketing program of several colleges, here and abroad.

2006 New Product, New Location, New Heights


          After six years of industry leadership with our Smartsite web solution, 2006 saw the launch of the next generation of more powerful online marketing tools contained in our Marketing Commander solutions. Over two million dollars was invested in our efforts to design the ultimate website/CRM/lead tracking, reporting and staff training tool. This year also saw the launch of the Membership Sales Success System the most comprehensive training available to help clubs train their frontline staff to how to sell memberships. The eight manual program was an instant success! 

          We top off the year by moving into our new state of the art Legendary Ranch. The three building, 5,000 ft complex, has fiber optics and wireless throughout for easy movement, along with formal and casual meeting space. Staff can work indoors or out and enjoy picnic benches, café style tables or seek inspiration from the waterfall and Zen garden. 

          In 2007, we launched Golf Marketing Commander 2.0 as well as the introduction of Resort Marketing Commander and Private Club Commander with unique tools to meet the special needs of these specific markets. And Tom Edwards was welcomed back to our team as head of graphics!

          2008 Seeing an obvious need for a company that could quickly execute his sales andbobheadshot.png marketing strategies on the ground, Wood, together with Industry veteran Bob Devitz, former Regional VP of Club Corp, founded Legendary Golf Management. Our first client saw an $800,000 improvement to their bottom-line in year one!

          Our other major success this years was a direct marketing campaign for Garland Resort that generate 1.7 million dollars in direct bookings for a mailing list of just 1148 names, at a cost of just $30,000. Which including onsite spend came to over three million dollars. Now that’s “Legendary!”

     2009 Saw the publication of Andrew's latest book, Cunningly Clever Marketing – Out Market Everyone. This book details many of the successes and case histories of the last “Legendary” decade. Packed full of illustrations and cutting edge advice the book was universal acclaimed by top sales marketing gurus as one of the best ever.

"Cunningly Clever Marketing made me laugh, wince, nod in agreement, howl, point out a statement to my wife, and become wiser in the ways of both marketing and reality. A superb read!” Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books, Over 20 million sold

"Cunningly Clever Marketing reveal the inside secrets Andrew Wood has accumulated over a lifetime of studying and practicing what works in the real world when his own money is at stake. My company is using his ideas and seeing results. I highly recommend them!"
Tom Hopkins, Author of How to Master The Art of Selling, Scottsdalehorselovers.png

Legendary Success Beyond Golf & Resorts 

          Among our major successes this year was a direct mail and sales campaign for Parelli Natural Horsemanship that generated over one million dollars in addition a residual income!

          We also became increasingly involved in direct product sales from the web in a verity of industries selling; books, audios, DVD’s courses and information products. As well as training 
aids and accessories.

          2010 saw the Publication of Andrew's latest book Cunningly Clever Selling– How to Outsell Everyone as well as his manual, Building Brand Buzz and Profits Using Social Media.

          Our sister company, Legendary Golf Management launched its hybrid golf management program and picked up six new clients including two daily fee, two private clubs and two resorts. 

          We also welcomed the “Legendary” Treetops Resort to our fold as a full service agency account.

          2011 We launched our custom social media solution. (Now part of our http://www.PiedPiperSolutions.com websites) A program that grows membership and play through the use of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, Linkenin and other social media.

          Andrew's latest book Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur - Short Cuts To Your First Few Million

was published. It's an inside look at how to survive, thrive and grow a business in difficult times and includes chapters on innovation, management and problem solving.

          The second edition of the bestselling book the Golf Marketing Bible was also published. This edition includes an additional 50 pages on social media and new marketing trends.

Legendary Team

          Andrew has built a “Legendary” team with the finest graphic designers, copywriters, computer programmers, social media, SEO and marketing specialists in the business. All of them are instilled with the same type of passion and results driven attitude that is the fuel of the company's success. With hundreds of projects in seven different countries, Legendary Marketing truly is the world's leader in golf, resort, real estate and destination marketing and is expanding rapidly into other industries with people who  are eager to experience the same success.

lmlogo.png2012 and Beyond…

An exciting new website solution for our clients, Pied Piper. A new website for ourselves. An updated logo, some extra staff and a redecorated office, are just a few of the great things we have going into 2012. We are also offering additional new pay per click, social media and viral marketing programs that will generate leads faster than ever for our clients.

          We are excited to be working with our first client in Hawaii, Waikoloa Resort, extending our relationship with the Springs Hotel in Oxford, England and consulting with a new golf development in Carcassone, France.

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