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Cunningly Clever Marketing Audio
Cunningly Clever Marketing Audio - Instant Download
Our Price: $49.95

Become a marketing genius in the comfort of your car or office instant audio download! Cunningly Clever Marketing is more than ten hours of audio CDs with 416 stimulating pages in a companion book. Each is jam-packed with powerful ideas, tactics and strategies to quickly and ethically double, even triple your sales, through superior marketing! Chockfull of graphics, examples and stories you'll find it a fast, easy, read that's fun, entertaining, practical and PROVEN! more info
Sales Book on Audio
Selling Outsell Everyone Audio - Instant Download
Our Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $29.97
Savings: $19.98

Learn the Inside Secrets of a Sales Legend and Out Sell Everyone! Watch your sales performance soar with innovative strategies for turning an ordinary business into an extraordinary business and immunizing yourself from recession. It's the Most Comprehensive, Entertaining and Practical Book Ever Written on How to Quickly and Dramatically Increase Your Sales and Profits! more info
Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur Audio
Cunningly Clever Entreprenuer Audio - Instant Download
Our Price: $49.95

Become an entrepreneurial genius in the comfort of your car or office with instant audio download. Learn the the shortcuts to business success. Learn how to find money where none exists, steal money from bigger competitors, hire top talent and find that tipping point that turns a struggling business into a massive success.
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Golf Marketing Bible Audio
Golf Marketing Bible Audio - Instant Download
Our Price: $97.00
Sale Price: $48.50
Savings: $48.50

Jam-packed with over 450 pages of cutting-edge, proven strategies to jump-start any club, resort or golf real estate business! The Golf Marketing Bible will provide your club with astonishing results and a complete BULLETPROOF BLUEPRINT to Golf Marketing success and PROFITS! No matter what part of the country or what country you are in, No matter what type of course you run, The Golf Marketing Bible will increase revenues for your club, guaranteed or your money back! Dear Golf Industry Professional: Think of all the marketing questions you have asked yourself over the years, such as: How much should I spend on marketing? What should I get in return, and how do I measure the results to make better decisions? What are the most effective marketing methods? How do I build an e-mail database in 30 days that's big enough to fill my tee sheet for the rest of the year?

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Desperately Seeking Golf Members Audio
Desperately Seeking Members Audio - Instant Downlaod
Our Price: $24.95

Join veteran, private club manager, Harvey S. McLintock at his new job. There he discovers that the waiting list discussed in his interview has quickly evaporated and the members are dropping like flies!

Two new courses come on the scene shortly afterwards and a group of long term members jump ship. Join Harvey amid the chaos, at private club in trouble, as he tries desperately, to turn the things around!

Along the way you’ll meet a host of colorful characters including the board comprised of two doctors, a lawyer and a vet. You’ll meet all the members you love and hate! And smile as he deals with a host of modern issues like jeans, gay members, cell phones and signs!

Since there is no advertising budget, McLintock starts the club back on the road to success with some questionable Ninja marketing tactics! With a little success there and a little luck, the committee, finally see there is a method to his madness and give him the go ahead to execute a detailed plan that succeeds in turning the club around!
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The Traits of Champions Audio
The Traits of Champions Audio Collection - Instant Download
Our Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $19.95
Savings: $20.00

The Traits of Champions is a unique and powerful look into the minds and actions of golf’s greatest champions including Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, Hogan, Jones, Watson, Faldo, Langer, Seve, Woods and many more. From them you will learn timeless tips on improving your business, your life and maybe even your game. Using the personal experience of the greatest golfers in history, the program examines the character traits that are common to all champions so you can develop and enhance these traits in every aspect of your business and life, short-cutting your journey to ultimate success by months, even years.

Inspire the champion within you! With the help of your caddie’s vast knowledge you will discover what it takes to overcome every obstacle that stands in the way of the success that you know you deserve. You will learn how to get championship performance from every aspect of your business and life. You will discover how to increase your confidence, creativity and planning skills. How to improve your communication skills to win others to your side. Find out how to boost your reputation, brand and your image so others seek you out. Feel the power and excitement of championship motivation as you find yourself striving for higher performance in every aspect of your business and life.
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Legendary Leadership Audio
Legendary Leadership - Instant Download
Our Price: $197.00
Sale Price: $98.50
Savings: $98.50

What does it take to achieve leadership greatness? Legendary Leadership is acquiring certain traits and skills, then develop and refine them as they progress toward greatness. Drawing on the examples of such great leaders as Ronald Regan, Mahatma Gandhi, Jack Welch, Andy Grove, Winston Churchill, and Lee Iacocca, Legendary Leadership focuses on 12 traits or characteristics of successful leadership: Vision, Passion, Confidence, Trust, Strategy, Action, Communication, Charisma, Creativity, Motivation, Courage, and Persistence. Combining these traits with clear and simple self-improvement steps, Andrew Wood lays out a plan for all would-be leaders, not just for those who have already attained a leadership position.

Whether you are a business executive or an athletic coach, you will benefit from the author's personal experience, interviews, and 10 years of research in the essence of leadership, power, wealth, respect, influence, and effectiveness in these 12 CDs.
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